Appropriate harvest and Postharvest of Rubber Plants

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Appropriate harvest and Postharvest of Rubber Plants

Harvest is that the most thirstily hoped-for in spite of everything now doing the method of crop cultivation. As is that the case with the harvest of rubber plants that square measure estate crops with high quantity.

Appropriate harvest and Postharvest of Rubber Plants
Appropriate harvest and Postharvest of Rubber Plants
However, we want to understand that before harvest data is required associated with correct harvest techniques and post-harvesting of rubber plants.
Knowledge regarding the harvest and post-harvest becomes necessary to keep up the standard of the rubber created. For this reason, at this meeting sedulurtani.com would love to share data regarding the technique of harvest and post-harvesting of rubber plants.

The following square measure the techniques for harvest and post-harvesting of rubber trees:

The rubber or latex harvest technique is completed by sound. sound the India-rubber plant could be a staple of the India-rubber plant with the aim to open the latex vessels within the bark of the tree in order that it will flow quickly.

In sound rubber plants there square measure many stages that require to be thought-about to urge most results.

The following square measure the stages of the rubber crop harvest technique:

Determine the maturity of sound
In general, rubber plants with traditional growth square measure able to be tapped  at the age of five years when planting, with a production amount of 25-30 years. However, smart plant growth is additionally attainable if rubber plants is tapped  before five years previous.

Therefore, to work out the maturity of sound not solely from the age of the plant however is through mensuration of the girth of the stem. This mensuration is one in every of the foremost applicable ways in which to work out the sound maturity.

Mature plants that have tapped  have a diameter of regarding forty five cm at a distance of a hundred cm from the bottom surface or from the boundary of the attachment link.

Rubber plants square measure possible to be tapped  if they show that a minimum of hr of the population has been tapped . there's some instrumentation required for sound, together with sound knives, sound malls / patrons, latex gutters, bowls or bowls, bowl rings, mall knives, gauges, and quadri or sigmat.

The first step before sound, that is that the depiction of sound fields by deciding the peak of the sound gap. the upper the sound field, the less latex created are going to be thanks to the less latex vessels.

Then is confirm|to work out|to see} the proper direction of sound and determine the length of the sound slices. the peak of the primary sound gap, that is a hundred cm from the bottom surface of the tree from seeds, or one hundred thirty cm from the boundary of the attachment field for attachment plants.

Draw a spiral-shaped sound plane from the higher left toward the lower right and type a 30-40o angle to the horizontal line. to form these angles is helped victimization the mall.

Before sound the skin of the India-rubber plant ought to be cleansed initial. when cleansing the irises with a depth of one.5-2 metric linear unit from the cambium layer. strive to not cut too deep, therefore as to not injury the cambium layer. If the cambium layer is broken, it will have an effect on the assembly of latex later.

For a decent time in wiretapping, that's at 05.00-06.00 within the morning. As for latex assortment, it's best to be administrated between 8:00 AM and 10:00 AM.

If the wiretapping is completed properly, the tapped  skin can recover when six years. However, if the sound method is wrong, then the recovery of sound fields becomes abnormal. Skin that's appropriate sound once more incorporates a thickness of a minimum of seven metric linear unit.

In apply, recovered skin is tapped  once more when nine years for the primary recovery, and eight years for the second recovery.

Tapping frequency and intensity
The frequency of sound is that the interval intercepts with units of days (d), weeks (w), and for years (y). This sound unit depends on the sound system.

If sound is completed on a daily basis, it's marked on plants with d / one, 2 days d / a pair of, and so on.

The following is associate example of a mixture of frequency and intensity of sound, as an example S / a pair of, d / 2, 100%. S / a pair of means that cutting done [*fr1] a circle, d / a pair of means the tree is tapped  each a pair of days, and 100% means that the intensity of the sound.

The sound intensity calculation is completed by multiplying the fractional  numbers within the sound formula by four-hundredth. Example s / a pair of, d / 2, 100% comes from ½ x ½ four-hundredth = 100%.

Exploitation System
For currently it's referred to as 2 exploitation systems, particularly standard and stimulation. wherever the traditional system is completed generally while not the addition of stimulants (stimulants). whereas the stimulant exploitation system could be a combination of victimization stimulants (stimulants).

Latex stimulants unremarkably used victimization ethepon active ingredients underneath the whole ELS, Ethrel, and Cepa.

Often the latex that has been tapped  incorporates a precursor physical change or unremarkably referred to as procoagulation. This physical change is caused by a sort of rubber that has terribly low mixture stability.

In addition, this is often caused by enzymes, microorganisms, and microorganisms. Not solely that, weather factors, season, crop conditions, transportation strategies, hard water, and mixed dirt additionally have an effect on the prevalence of physical change.

This kind of factor can cause no touch of loss. as a result of the leads square measure processed into non-standard sorts and therefore the quality is additionally low.

Some measures that may stop this physical change occur, particularly maintaining the cleanliness of the instrumentation used, preventing the dissolution of rubber in dirty water, and sound within the morning before sunrise.

Another action to forestall clots from occurring is to supply anticoagulants, except that physical change is caused by plant genetic factors.

Some samples of anticoagulants embrace ammonia, gas, carbonate, and atomic number 11 sulfite.
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