How to Overcome Upas flora in Rubber Plants

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How to Overcome Upas flora in Rubber Plants

Upas flora could be a unwellness caused by the flora pink disease fungus. Upas mushrooms have four stages of development. the primary stage is commonly known as a spider attack, that is that the formation of a white layer on the surface of the skin.

How to Overcome Upas flora in Rubber Plants
How to Overcome Upas flora in Rubber Plants
Then the second stage is to start to develop and type a bunch of layers of fungous threads known as humps. within the third stage or known as this cortisium, the formation of pink layers.

And the last is that the nekator stage, that is that the formation of a thick red dark layer.

Upas flora unwellness attacks the plant or stem of rubber plants, leading to branches and crowns simply broken or dead. This symptom is marked by the looks of white threads like silk within the base or twigs of plants.

The layer can bit by bit turn out to be a layer of red crust and eventually can turn out to be a thick layer of redness. at that time the bark can rot and peel with black.

Stems of plants that are infected with upas fungous unwellness can unleash achromatic brown liquid latex and soften on the surface of the stems of plants. At the amount of severe attacks can cause the branching cover to die and break simply once exposed to wind.

To overcome this, acceptable management is required. so at now, needed to share data regarding, a way to Overcome Upas flora in Rubber Plants.

The following could be a thanks to overcome fungous flora in rubber plants through correct unwellness control:

The management is to plant plants that square measure immune to upas flora, like GT one, PR 255, PR 300, PR 107. Then for plants that have died, should|they need to|they have to} be destroyed now and also the stumps must incline fungicides.

The management of fungous unwellness ought to be done as quickly as doable throughout the primary stage or spider attack.

If the branching has been attacked, then the skin should be bare-assed and smirched with a antifungal. This management is finished by applying the antifungal Flyomac, Calixin, Dowco, or Bordo dish to the affected half
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