How to Treat White Root malady in Rubber Plants

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How to Treat White Root malady in Rubber Plants

Rubber is one sort of plant that's quite at risk of white root malady. This dangerous malady is caused by the plant Rigidoporus lignosus.

How to Treat White Root malady in Rubber Plants
Called the white root malady as a result of at the basis of the plant there's a mycelia plant that's white sort of a thread and is tough to get rid of. the subsequent could be a classification of white root mushrooms:

Kingdom Fungi
Fillidi Basidiomycota
Basidiomycetes category
Subclass Agaricomycetidae
Order of Polyporales
Meripilaceae family
The genus Rigidoporus

The rubber root of the malady can flip soft, brown and decay. additionally, the symptoms of white root malady ar marked by blanching the leaves of the plant flip yellow with the sides of the testicles collapsed inward.

The pale leaves can eventually fall off and at the top of the branches die and eventually the plant also will die. to beat this, applicable management is required.

The following ar ways in which to beat White Root malady in Rubber Plants
Control of white root malady will be done by garden sanitation, planting entice plants that ar the hosts of this malady, like cassava or sweet potato.

In addition, it will be controlled victimisation white root antagonists, particularly victimisation Trichoderma sp.

Before planting, it ought to tend Trichoderma harzianum mixed with compost the maximum amount as two hundred gr / planting hole. management employing a agent will be finished a mix of chemicals hexaconazole, triadimefone, and cyproconazole.

A mild attack of white root malady in rubber plants will be overcome by creating a thirty cm plant hole round the plant's neck, and its depth matches the attack of the malady.

Then at the roots of plants that ar attacked scraped victimisation tools that don't hurt the roots, whereas for roots that are rotten cut and destroyed by burning thus as to not unfold the plant.

The scrapings and cuts ar given tar and izal, and therefore the entire surface of the basis of the plant ought to be unclean with a agent. once the wound on the basis dries, then cowl once more victimisation soil.

In the former hole of the plant provide manure and sprinkle Trichoderma sp.
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