How to Overcome Soil Uret in Rubber Plants

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How to Overcome Soil Uret in Rubber Plants

The presence of pests within the method of cultivating rubber plants poses a significant threat to farmers. as a result of if a cuss attack isn't like a shot resolved, it'll lead to a decrease in productivity and even yield loss.

How to Overcome Soil Uret in Rubber Plants
How to Overcome Soil Uret in Rubber Plants
In addition to white ant pests and plant lice, the kinds of pests that always attack rubber plants ar ground uret. Uret soil could be a larval fese of many sorts of beetles. The beetle encompasses a snout or horn and could be a dangerous cuss for rubber plants.

There ar many sorts of uret that normally attack rubber plants, together with Helotrichia serrata, Helotrichia rufoflava, Leocopholis sp., Exopholis sp., And Lepidiota sp. Uret soil encompasses a form just like the letter C with white to yellow.

Uret soil encompasses a massive body size, fat, clear body with a brown head and enormous fangs. additionally, uret legs ar brown and ar found within the bodily cavity.

Rubber plants that ar attacked by these pests can become stale and yellow, and even plants will die as a result of their roots are attacked. These uret pests primarily attack plants that ar still in nurseries.

The uret cuss management is done automatically and additionally with chemicals.
The following is the way to overcome soil uret pests in rubber plants:

Mechanically dominant the uret of the soil is completed by grouping the urets and destroying them, besides the beetles ar collected and destroyed in order that they can not multiply once more.

Whereas chemical management is meted out victimisation Furadan three G or Basudin ten G by sprinkling around rubber trees at a dose of concerning ten grams / tree. additionally, dominant is done by spraying Endosulfan or Furadan with a wise dose of yag.
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