How To Overcome white ant Attack On Rubber Plants

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How To Overcome white ant Attack On Rubber Plants

In conducting fig tree cultivation, we frequently encounter issues associated with plant pests. The presence of pests in cultivation poses a heavy threat to farmers as a result of it will cause losses or yield losses. one amongst the pests that typically attack the cultivation of rubber plants, specifically termites.

How To Overcome white ant Attack On Rubber Plants
How To Overcome white ant Attack On Rubber Plants
Termite pests that unremarkably attack rubber plants, area unit species of Microtermes inspiratus and Coptotermes curvignathus. white ant pests attack acretous plants by gnawing on new planted seeds, from the tip of the stum to the roots.

On the within of the plant stem there's an outsized hole from the tip of the stum to the roots. This white ant attack ends up in intermittent plant roots even there's no root tip any longer. white ant tormentor management in rubber plants is split into 3, specifically technically, automatically, and with chemicals.

The following area unit 3 ways to beat white ant attacks on rubber plants:

Technically, tormentor management is done by cleanup the garden from stumps and root remnants (land sanitation). Doing the correct soil media process to interrupt the life cycle of white ant larvae. additionally, at the top of the stum till a bit on top of the eyes wrapped in plastic in order that termites can't eat it.

Mechanical management of white ant pests on rubber plants is done by luring it out of the top of the stum victimization cassava or Sungkai bait. The trick is to plant 2-3 stems of cassava at a distance of 20-30 cm from the seedlings.

With this, the termites can favor to eat bait from cassava instead of rubber seeds that have a more durable texture.

Furthermore, the latter, specifically chemical management is administered victimization pesticides. Some effective pesticides for dominant white ant pests, like curater, regent, furadan, and imidacloprid active pesticides, as an example Confidor, Caleb Tsan, Winder, Klopindo, Imidor, Topdor or Kimida.

How to apply the pesticide is done by sprinkling when land management, sprinkling on the bottom of the plant stem, spraying on the stem of the plant being attacked, and leaky of the pesticide on the bottom of the plant stem.

At the stage of planting rubber seedlings can even be additional spraying pesticide (granular) G within the planting hole.
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