How to Treat Flour condensate (Oidium) in Rubber Plants

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How to Treat Flour condensate (Oidium) in Rubber Plants

The presence of diseases within the cultivation of rubber plants poses a significant threat as a result of it will scale back production, and even end in yield loss. one in all the diseases that always attacks rubber plants is mildew.

How to Treat Flour condensate (Oidium) in Rubber Plants
How to Treat Flour condensate (Oidium) in Rubber Plants
Powdery mildew in rubber cultivation may be a malady caused by the infective Oidium heveae. Therefore, mildew is additionally typically said as oidium malady.

Oidium may be a major malady that always attacks rubber plants, each immature plantations (TBM) and mature plants (TM). additionally, oidium additionally attacks rubber plants that square measure still within the nursery, nurseries, and budwood gardens.

This oidium malady attack is marked within the type of young leaves that flip black, wrinkled, weak, and slimy. On the surface of the leaf there square measure white spherical spots, like white flour consisting of fine threads of hyphae and spores.

At the amount of severe attacks that build the ideas of the leaves die, the leaves become curving and eventually fall, feat solely the stem.

Therefore, to beat the losses caused by mildew, correct malady management is required.

The following is the way to trot out mildew (Oidium) in rubber plants.
Oidium malady management may be done by giving high doses of N fertiliser, that is double the counseled dose once leaves begin to create.

The application of N fertiliser is meant to stimulate the formation of latest leaves a lot of quickly, thus it's expected that the leaves can get inexperienced quickly to avoid being attacked by O.

Flour condensate malady management may be done mistreatment Bayfidan 250 Europe, Bayleton 250 Europe, sulfur or Tilt 250 Europe. the employment of antifungal is completed once every week five times.

Control methodology by eupneic sulfur powder may be done at a dose of 10-15 kilo / angular distance employing a motorized blower. Giving sulfur powder is completed once every week for 5 weeks.

This activity ought to be worn out the morning, in order that the antifungal may be connected to the plant and not simply carried by the wind.

Dewdrop management on atomic number 69 once done employing a antifungal isn't economical. For this reason it's typically done by giving additional fertiliser at the start and finish of the time of year.

To find out earlier associated with the emergence of mildew, it's necessary to watch the plants. This watching ought to be done each day once the plants type new leaves till the leaves have turned inexperienced.

After it's proverbial that there square measure symptoms of mildew attack, it's necessary to require action to regulate the malady quickly and accurately.
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